Friday, 30 November 2012

Fashola Versus The Common Man

I needed to vent ! to get this off my chest...the voice in my head wont allow me let this issue rest until you read it and it triggers those sublime thoughts in your head..Fashola ! why! why! why! yes most of Lagosians are poor but why rub it in our face? we know we cant afford to live in the posh estates of the Lekki's,Banana Island's,Ajah's were most of our hard earned taxes(yes some of us do pay tax) are being utilised to build roads , bridges etc but making life more difficult for the common man is a hard pill to swallow especially since i voted for you, yes i did vote ! I am venting because i see you as a symbol of progress for Lagos state but the means by which this progress is being carried out is melting the candle of hope for the common man and when i say common man i mean, the market women,the hawkers,the cart pushers, the okada men(thats a topic for another day) not all Lagosians live on the island , though you can pardon me if i can say nothing worth of the status of developments going on on the Island exists on the mainland(Oh i do love Shoprite at Ikeja) and yet they are parts of Lagos too.Pardon my ignorance isnt the Ikorodu road part of Lagos,Apapa Expressway, if i need to mention death traps i might end up having a bad day . Do you have a grudge with the common man or are you so high up there you cant hear their cries, i have never been a fan of politics neither am i affiliated to any political party but the truth is the truth and the real Lagos is a far cry from the beautiful coast line and fancy skycrapers you see while approaching the Muritala Mohammed International Airport!

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