Friday, 30 November 2012

Men of God?

It is rather pathetic.. So many religious people in the country yet our woes keep multiplying.. So many crusades, retreats,conventions, congresses, seminars,outreaches and all worth not and still the poverty, corruption, insecurity, decadence, suffering and negativity in the country keeps growing.. I don't see the point of these things anymore..Every year Pastors keep buying new jets,riding in stretch limousines, building mega churches, hiring more bodyguards, driving bulletproof cars, building expensive universities and all, yet the people who attend these program's remain the way are.(Copyright Nairaland)

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  1. There's a need for people to know that their pastors are not God,and start worshipping God for real.As for me,I know whom I believe in!I don't frigging worship pastors


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