Friday, 30 November 2012

The Beautiful Ones Might Never Be Born....Bribery!!!!

Corruption ! Yes it is worthy yelling about, a word that has become a norm in our minds , name a sector of the Nigerian way of survival and you will find corruption, so i ask myself while asking you! where is the way forward? Bribery has become so embedded in our genes that we don't even see a problem with it ! Who is to blame? Lets not start pointing fingers at our leaders even though we know they are a total failure in that regard,how can a President who was sponsored by thieves who have criminal intent be able to turn around and bite the fingers that fed him? If you need a good joke here is one, the popular Farouk Lawan and Otedola is an example of a good joke! We all know the details , so where is the exemplary leadership the upcoming generation is supposed to learn and emulate? I see no hope, i see the roots of the tree becoming stronger and the branches of the tree receiving nutrients from the roots of corruption. The Beautiful Ones Might Never Be Born!

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