Monday, 3 December 2012

Blackberry and Relationships

This is a topic I find very amusing to write about, it compounds comedy and reality into one interesting article. So let's dig right into it ! Young girls ooze  from their hearts the compass of immorality,strip themselves of virtue,and give away their virginity in exchange for BlackBerry,which in their estimate would play accurately the role of a perfect mate.Heavenly bliss to them is no longer the reward for chastity.Damsels desert their laggard partners,and wives hold their struggling husbands in derision simply because they cannot afford to buy them a BlackBerry.Men,on the other hand,have become craftier,more devious,and extremely desperate in the mad race to secure a BlackBerry,just to melt the frozen frowns of their queens into charming ecstatic smiles(To avoid the situation of no Blackberry no sex ).To avoid the laughter of ridicule,even non subscribers have chosen not to exhibit their regular mobiles in public, girls get caught stealing Blackberry and they're beaten , stripped naked , have their pictures taken and these same pictures end up on the internet and on Blackberry display pictures of other users.Apparently,virtually every brain is infected with the BlackBerry virus,and so pervasive is the miasma that it seems as though it is impossible for a distant voice to be freighted from one mouth and dumped into the listening ears of another,without the assistance of BlackBerry. BlackBerry rules! It constitutes the highest good and supreme value in life.As the earth wheels about the sun,Nigeria revolves around BlackBerry.The crowning achievement of most Nigerian youths most especially women,is BlackBerry.And from that viewpoint,it is somewhat logical to suggest that a man who baits his hook with BlackBerry is surer to catch more women than the Disciples did with fish,when they went casting with Jesus.

What is the fuss all about? Why the hype about BlackBerry?Why enthrone BlackBerry at the summit of all else?.Is it just a fad,a craze,or merely a fabric of Nigerian civilization?What itself is a BlackBerry?.BlackBerry is a smart phone developed and designed by Research In Motion(RIM).Its first model saw the light of day in 1999.BlackBerry functions excellently as personal digital assistance(PDA),portable media players,internet browsers,with gaming devices and cameras.Also,it sends and receives email and instant messages while at the same time maintaining a tight security through on-device message encryption,and still,for what others conceive of it,a fanciful toy with which toddlers in cradles amuse themselves in some western states .
There are a lot of roles Blackberry has played in the Nigerian relationships, from cheating to discreet hook ups,many girls demand their boy friend using their picture as dp or risk losing the relationship, friends show off their partners to the world to make others jealous of how in love they are ..pardon me isn't that outright stupidity? Blackberry provides the easiest means for cheating because your partner might be chatting with your best friend for a nice hook up while you lay beside him or her ! Married men and women aren't left out, from what could be a friendly chat with friends or co workers could suddenly take a turn into sex talk and before you know it , the deed is done! BB Groups are created with members offering and soliciting for sex among married men , lecturers and even our politicians aren't left out of this menace of our generation !Even though the Blackberry has triggered successful relationships we can't applaud it just yet until we really curb the immorality it spreads other wise comment my reserve !
Written By BJ with Input from Femi Shine

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