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Faces of the Evil spirits !!!

Topic: Faces of the Evil spirits !!!

I can't help but laugh(or cry) when I see the direction this country is headed. Like they say, its only a fool that keeps repeating something while expecting a different result. Some people are yet to learn their lessons from history, hence, they repeat the same mistake which Adam made centuries ago - Blaming others for our failures!
Our minister of  power, Hajiya Zainab  Kuchi once blamed the Evil Spirits for the woes of the power sector. Our country has been in perpetual darkness.  It may interest the reader to know that we have spent a record sum of more than 30 Billion US Dollars  between 1999 and 2012, but actually, the power generation has dropped from about 4,200 megawatts in the early days of former president Obasanjo compared to the current 4,100 megawatts in this 2012! Actually, this shows that we have been paying to generate darkness! And something extra ordinary or supernatural must have been responsible for this, so, it was  no surprise when our almighty minister told us the ACTUAL cause of our problem - EVIL SPIRITS!

There are evil spirits in every aspect of our national life, in every offices(both private and public), in every ministry, every government house etc and this is the BEST time to identify these evil spirits.The evil spirits has finally found their ways into our CBN vaults; the ironical part? YES! These evils spirits don't steal lower denominations, they have stolen about N2.1 billion of newly printed N1,000 notes.According to a report in the LEADERSHIP, The board of directors of the Nigeria Security Printing and Minting Company (NSPMC) met some days ago over the scandal that is currently rocking the establishment where it was revealed that a whopping N2.1 billion of newly printed N1,000 notes have mysteriously gone missing. Who knows what the figure would have been if they succeeded in printing the N5,000 notes.
The board meeting, chaired by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, decided to expand the investigation and audit the production of other currency denominations to ascertain the quantity of money that has actually gone missing over the years.

As a fallout of the scam, an acting managing director, Ahmed Bamali, had been appointed to head the Mint company while Ehi Okomoyon, who was the chief executive, was asked to proceed on indefinite leave until all investigations have been concluded was reaffirmed. Now we don't have to look further, as some of the evil spirits have been named. But do we expect anything positive or conclusive coming out of this present probe? We have seen a lot to expect anything positive from this current situation. The Halliburton, Siemens  Wilbros, Panalpina scams etc are few of the many scams that has rocked this country, yet, the culprits walk scot free! Here comes the most interesting part of the investigation, Part of the CBN audit team’s investigation is to unravel why the management of the Mint company has consistently refused to place Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) in its Abuja and Lagos factories, and why other security measures were deliberately set aside. Hmmm, I am waiting anxiously for the explanations they will offer.
Most times, It amazes me if these so called MD's,  Governors of the CBN and their cohorts lack "simple" thinking ability? The CBN is not a super market, so, how come there are  lapses in their security measures? Well, your guess is as good as mine, it was all deliberately done; to aid their stealing and looting strategy.
Some years back, the ministry of information in collaboration with the CBN carried out an aggressive campaign on the need for Nigerians to handle the Naira notes with care to cut the cost of frequent  reprinting of the Naira notes. Millions of Naira went down the drain in advertising, seminars, awareness campaigns etc, yet nothing has changed about the way we handle the naira.
At a point, they introduced the polymer notes which costs more in production. years have gone by, but nothing has changed. I once carried out a research on  why an average Nigerian  will handle the US Dollar carefully, but deface the naira notes.
I found out that we Nigerians can easily  deface a N500 note which have more economic value than a $100 because we know quite well that the US Dollar bill becomes "invalid" when defaced.

So, instead of wasting tax payers money on some irrelevant advertisement and awareness campaigns, the CBN top ranks should have liaised effectively with the legislative arms of the three tiers of government and come up with a bill that will prohibit defaced currency notes from becoming a legal tender.This way, people will handle the Naira notes with utmost care.
But the CBN top shots will not consider the above and other meaning suggestions, instead, they will keep spends billions on advertisement, awareness campaigns etc, because someone is in charge and benefiting from the campaigns. More so  they make extra money off the country whenever they reprint these damaged bills.
Does anyone still  wonder why we keep soaring in corruption ratings worldwide? We have recently been ranked as the worse place to be born on earth in 2013, because corruption stares us in the face at every angle. From insecurity to high mortality rate, subsidy fraud to internet scams.... This country is fast becoming a lawless  jungle!
All Nigerians irrespective of our tribal, religious or political affiliation must rise and demand a reasonable explanation from the Government and necessary punishments meted out to the various culprits in this current scam rocking our Central Bank! This present case must not be swept under the carpet as the previous cases!

Mazi Joe.

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