Saturday, 1 December 2012

Is It Greener On The Other Side?

In life everyone is constantly in search of the illusive greener grass that lies ‘on the other side’, most of us are too scared to take a moment and look around us to see the gifts that lie at our finger tips, we are afraid that the gifts that life is offering us will not measure up to our expectations or we will not be able to hold onto them, so with tunnel vision we continue our search for the illusive greener pastures which may lie somewhere in the distance.Take a look at our country, here is a system that has failed us,the well known way out through education and getting a job doesn't work anymore, graduates fill the streets with different looks of frustration as a result of lack of jobs, many throng to the airports jetting out to different countries in the search for more education qualifications or in the hope of finding better means of survival which most times when this aspirations aren't met they resort to crime and other degrading means of livelihood.

The grass may always be greener on the other side, but the secret is to look around you and realize that although it may be greener, you are surrounded by opportunities to create an abundance of fragrant flower beds, exquisite large shady tree’s and soft warm mossy ground beneath them, where grass cannot grow but warmth, comfort and love can flourish...

The secret is to look around you and acknowledge the gift offering that life sends your way and stop feeling upset because you don’t have the illusive ‘green grass’ which everyone is searching for.

The secret is to see all the incredible gifts and opportunities you do have and to take them, to be grateful and happy and rejoice in them, treasuring and nurturing  them so that they will not feel neglected and slip away...

The secret is you !


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