Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Let Us Clap For Our President....

I am proud of our President , I'm so proud of his government that I cant help but sing our National Anthem before writing this article. Let's clap for our president; who under him Nigeria have to come to  terms with the fact that Boko Haram has come to stay and the once welcoming North is now a no go area. Let's clap for a president who under him 5trillion has been stolen since the start of his administration according to the Nuhu Ribadu Task Force Report.Let's clap for our president who is going build a N2.2bn banquet hall for Aso Villa while our universities rot in decay and produces paper worth graduates that are not worthy of employment and those that are worthy cant find jobs.
Let's clap for our president , a breath of fresh air , a total symbol of leadership. I am highly impressed by his achievements that with joy I queue at my nearest petrol station to buy fuel at 130naira per litre.
Let's clap for my president because he cares so much for the common man that every day the common wakes up, his prayer is for the well being of our loving president.Let's clap for our president who has built and reformed our health care system to the point that his wife was treated here in Nigeria even though a country like Germany was begging for her to come and patronize their health care. I want us to all rise on our feet and applaud our President for he has been good to us..he is our Savior and very soon our lives will be better....ok I think I need to wake up from my dream now

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