Saturday, 1 December 2012

Letter To The Unknown Heart (A Must Read!)

Oh my ! I got this from an anonymous friend and it really touched me it a letter to an unknown heart

Letter To The Unknown Heart 

Dear Unknown Heart,

I have a confession to make.  Will I seem overemotional for saying 
this, brainwashed by the media, or weak? Perhaps. But this is what I
am feeling, and have been feeling no matter how much I try to deny it.
My confession is, I would rather figure out my life with you together
than add you in later to fit my schedule.  My confession is, I need
more than conversation with someone close to me, I need affection and
reassurance I need touch and  warmth, and I want it more than anything
else in the world, selfishly,honestly.  Even as I achieve those other
goals, there will be something missing, something I've been hungering
for for a long time. I want to trust someone completely, not be afraid
to love someone completely; I need you to infuse color into my life,
because I do not think that I like to walk alone.
Where are you? My passionate, I wants to make a difference, but needs
someone to help me , I  feel invincible. Please tell me how to find


  1. Waoh!captivatin....*curious*

  2. Inspiring,keep up the hard work.Q.Stacks.


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