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The Dangers Of Fixing Eye Lashes

False eyelashes and your eyes

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Along with everything else that people have withstood for the sake of looking more attractive, fixing of artificial eyelashes is one more potentially risky item to add to the list.
Eyelash fixing has become an increasingly popular trend in the fashion world, becoming a must-have for women seeking perfection and a glamorous look, however, neglecting its health implications, reports Doyin Adeoye
Available in an array of hues and textures, in full or individual strands, these false eyelashes last for days or weeks and little wonder they have become a must have for many women.
Although eyelash elongation creates a dazzling look to the eye, making it speak volumes. It creates a better alternative to applying coats of mascara to make the eyes stand out. It is however accompanied with health risks.
Overlooked health issues accompany this quest for beauty, as artificial eyelashes are applied directly to the natural eyelashes with a bonding agent, which are irritants that can cause discomfort and potential eye damage in severe cases.
Described by many as a beautification that adds length and fullness to the natural eyelashes, many women do not know that eyelashes elongation asides its glamor is also accompanied with other negative effects.
In the process of getting an eyelash fixed, many of its seekers concur that it is not painful and that the cost is fair. This is probably a reason for the increase in the number of ladies and women that patronize beauticians to have their eyelashes fixed.
The road side beauticians, are often patronized because of their relatively lower prices, ranging from N200 to N1000. Simple as  they seem, the process of getting the artificial eyelash attached to the natural ones is done within minutes. But as short as the time frame is, the process is obviously one that puts the eyes at risk.
Aside having to sit still and keep the eyes open till it is done, the beautician applies the lashes to the eye with a glue and often times, most of them make the lashes stick with the aid of a toothpick. Two reasons obviously make the idea of a toothpick appalling, first, it is a sharp object and secondly, the same toothpick is often used for all customers.
Although the dazzling effect is achieved almost immediately, the problem often sets in few minutes later, when the eye becomes hyper sensitive to everything around it.
Women with very sensitive eyes might feel uncomfortable at the beginning, as the eye takes a moment to get accustomed with the new weight. Complaints from many first time users range from tension on the eyelids as a result of the glue, to watery eyes and heavy eyelids and if forcefully removed, the lashes pull off the natural lashes.
Studies show that repeated use of eyelash extensions can cause Traction Alopecia, a condition where the hair falls out due to excessive tension placed on the hair shaft. As a result, this can damage the hair follicle.
Using potent chemicals on the eyelashes make them fall out more quickly than they naturally would. While the life span of a lash is normally about five months for a new one to take its place, artificial eyelashes causes the eyelashes to shed two months after the procedure. Not only would it make the eyelashes become noticeably sparser, they may become brittle as well and break off, appearing much shorter.
Also at some point, bacteria sticks under the glue and to the artificial eyelashes, thereby causing infections. There must be a limit to the use of artificial eyelashes to prevent infection as well as eye injury. Both the eyelashes and the glue contain chemicals that can cause an adverse reaction for some individuals.
A better approach to it is to first test glue on the wrist or at the back of the hand, before using it on the eyes. This would reflect the reaction that would be shown by the individual.  
Reactions from many users include difficulties in washing the face, having to be very careful around the eyes, sharp pain in the eye, constant discharge from the eye, watery eyes, heavy eyelids among others.  
According to Rosette Articles, the side effects of fixing artificial eyelashes included discomfort, which may follow after fixing of the lashes. Although the effect is temporary because the small hairs are placed individually to the eyelids, however, there will be pain, swelling and tenderness that are felt around the eyelid after the procedure.
Another effect is pruritus, a condition where there is moderate or intense itching of the eye. This can be relieved with ice packs and ointment too. Refrain from scratching also and you can wear goggles at night to prevent it.
The third effect is swelling, which shows on the first few days after the eyelashes have been implanted.  
According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, another effect is endotropion, which causes trichiasis wherein the eyelashes grow in the wrong direction and going into the eye. Finally, infections may arise, either from poor performance or unhygienic workmanship.
According to Ifeoma Anyawu Anyawu, a model, the effect is undesirable, “I don’t really like it, but for my profession. It affects my eyeball. It itches and I sometimes feel like I have particles in my eyes,” she said.
Daniel Afolabi (Student): “I love the way it looks on women, it makes them look more beautiful. I’m okay with it and I love to see it on my woman.
Oyinlola Oyedeji (Administrative personnel): “Personally, I don’t like artificial eyelashes. I can’t stand the fact that I’ll leave my eye open why they pick on my eyelashes. I wonder what women gain from it. Are they not scared that the glue might fall into their eyeball? Why would we want to risk our sight” all in the name of fashion? I’m totally against it. I’m sure in 20 years from now, a lot of women would have problems with their sight.
Dr Gboyega Ajayi of the Eleta Eye Institute, Ibadan, highlighted two ways the fixing of false eye lashes can be hazardous to the human eye.
“Many complaints are often associated with irritation. A lot of people become irritated as a result of having something new around the eye. Also, another common effect is allergic reactions. Some ladies tend to be sensitive to the chemicals used and as such it can provoke reactions from them.
“Exposure to these substances demands different reactions from different people and the best way to tackle this is to visit an eye clinic once reactions set in, to avoid extreme cases,” he advised.

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