Wednesday, 5 December 2012

What Happened To Our Child Hood Dreams?

At some point when we were kids we had dreams ,some were beyond the skies based on our level of thinking then at the same time some were affected by the harsh reality of life so who is to blame? What happened to your childhood dream?

What happened to my dream of marrying my childhood crush?
I also wanted to be a super hero like super man and save my childhood crush from the evil robots..try super man now , na die be that!
My brothers still remind me I used to tell them I wanted to be a police man..I wont even touch that career these days!
What happened to my other dream of being a pilot? Of course I had to drop that since I'm sure my widow mother can't provide the money for that and I'll have to travel out to gain such quality education,so dream abandoned.
What happened to my dream of getting a good job after university and buying my mom a big car and a house ? To repay her for all the great things she has done for me.,well she has to be  patient for that.
What happened to my dream of marrying a hard working girl that has the quality of a good wife? All I seem to see these days are big bag carrying girls with fake eye lashes that are after what's in my pocket?
What happened to my dream of building an orphanage and taking care of the less privileged In the society?

I think at some point when I was a kid I did dream and wished to be the president of Nigeria? Gosh If I dream that kind of dream again I'll slap myself..the ones who were there when I was a kid are still there so I have to abandon that dream kia kia!
What happened to my dream of buying a regular Benz 190 or BMW so I can get all the girls.?
What happened to my dream of wearing agbada to church on Sundays and feel important?
I also dreamt of buying so much sneakers I saw on glossy magazine prints ?
At some point I wanted to marry two wives , that dream will scare my pastor because polygamy isn't welcomed in our posh churches.
What happened to my dream of travelling around the world and seeing exciting places? Oh never mind ..getting a visa is like trying to disvirgin a nun.

I can go on and on but to what gain? For me I think my dreams are lost in the abyss of frustration of the nation called Nigeria !

Written By Femi Shine

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