Thursday, 27 December 2012

What If All You Have Been Told Was All A Lie?

Good morning folks,good morning free thinkers, good morning fanatics of different passions...have you ever wondered what if it was all a lie? all the stories we've been told and heard over a million times? Have you ever question this norm, well as you all know my blog is about dissecting the norm and questioning the way things are done! No i am not an atheist, I received this very interesting article from an anonymous source and it got me thinking in the direction of what if all we've been told  is a result of one person's twisted fantasy or as a result of lonely nights ? I will let you read and question reality against fantasy and come to your own conclusion or perhaps be lost in the arms of total confusion. Take your time, grab a coffee , pick your nose, twist your hair but make sure you read till the end and see where it gets you..

When a man falls foul of the law in his own book,when creeds and deeds do not match,when actions rebel against theories,there's bound to be trouble.When a shepherd,pretending to guide his flock through the straight and narrow path deviates to the broad road of luxury;his sheep,looking over their shoulders to discover he has swerved route,will revolt!.Pastor T.B Joshua went in partnership with the occult;as thieves share the spoil of plunders,flamboyant Chris Oyakhilome divided with scoundrels the ignominous gains of their frauds;great Bishop Oyedepo clads his own God in opulence;and gentle Ayo Oritsejafor,a sky pilot of the soul,rides on the wings of a private jet.Man can neither cheat nor outsmart Nature.His ignobility may be concealed beneath the veneer of decency,in his action will someday be heard the true voice of his trait.In other words,he may sprinkle himself with holy water, anoint his head with spiritual oil,and recite by heart all divine commandments.By corporal mortification he may execrate copulation,observe fasts and reduce himself to skeleton;Nature,the mocker of man,will tear from his face the mask behind which skulks his real character.

If we know anything about Jesus at all,we know he was a humble philosopher who endorsed spirituality and pauperism.Virtually all his doctrines and precepts acquired overtones of asceticism,puritanism,and to seal firm the faith of his followers,he advocated blessedness of poverty as the holiest medium through which man can enjoy an untainted relationship with God.Without placing much emphasis on his contempt for prosperity,let us consider some of his sayings in the Gospel,according to the books of Matthew and Luke.
Matth.5:3."blessed are the poor in spirit,for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".Matth.5:12."rejoice and be glad,for your reward is great in heaven".Matth.6:19."do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth,where moth and rust consume..."Matth.19:21"...if you would be perfect,go sell what you possess and give to the poor,and you will have treasure in heaven".Matth 19:24."again i tell you,it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a niddle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God".Luke 12:33."sell your possessions,and give alms".The parable he taught in the book of Luke 16:19-31,should not elude our cognizance,in which Dives,the magnificent rich man,who lavished in prosperity was depicted as a talking firewood in the flames of hell,not for having perpetrated any atrocity,not for having carried out a genocide,not for any justifiable reason whatsoever,except that he rolled in wealth and comfort while on earth.And Lazarus,a poor wretch in whose sores dogs sought their honey,was transported to Abraham's bosom,not for some wonders wrought on earth,not for any praiseworthy nor heroic accomplishment,but because he was poor.How glorifying it is to be poor.Judging from these scriptural passages,it is obvious that Jesus loathed the good life.He had preference for indigence over fortune--for rags and patches over silk and gold.Christ's aversion to affluence is excusable on the ground that he was a man like the rest of us.Prejudice underlines his problem.It is quite a shame that a moralistic teacher of so high a calibre like him should be acted upon by envy--an intrinsic passion to which human nature is often subject.Spinoza the incomparable pantheist said"It is a consolation to the wretched to have had companions in their misfortunes.On the other hand,the more despondent man believes himself to be below other people,the more will he sorrow;and this is the reason why none are more prone to envy than the despondent;and why they,above all others,try to observe men's actions with a view to finding fault with them rather than correcting them so that at last they praise nothing but despondency and glory in it.".In this brilliant illustration,Jesus' attitude to the rich finds a literal meaning.Jesus was born poor,never rose above beggar-hood and died in perfect poverty.No clearer testimony would suffice to demonstrate that the aforementioned"men of God"have subverted the true teachings of their founder.By lifting from their heads the cowl of piety,they have left the breast of their religion wide open to be sheathed with the daggers of criticism.

From infancy,we are fed alongside our mothers' milk with interesting myths and legends.They teach us that a perfect God created this world,that in the course of His creation He mixed with the sweat of his labour some dust of the earth to mold man,and at the completion of His work,satisfied that all He had created was good,commanded man to glorify him forever or be damned for all eternity.Although a big question mark still hangs over what activity this God was engaged in before the creation and where He got the raw materials to commence His work. Egypt,being the womb of civilization,was the first nation to commit into writing the minds of the gods,Horus,Osiris,Isis--the maiden triune gods in history.In the Lliad and the Odyssey,Homer gave to the world the best of Greek pantheon,tradition,and poetry.Ancient India published her"Rigveda"--a collection of hymns and prayers dedicated to a multitude of frightful gods.The egg laid by Hinduism was hatched by rebellious Guatamah and Buddhism was born.As a pillar of cloud by day,and by night in a pillar of fire,Jehovah marshaled His chosen people from captivity to a desert flowing with milk and honey;and from Judaism,Christianity and Islam received their inspiration.Some of these religions are relatives,but those in which veins flow the same blood are the sworn enemies of the other.Buddhism fouled the nest of Hinduism,and in consequence suffered untold persecution.Judaism's Torah disowned her troublesome progeny--Christianity and Islam,and her disinherited offspring's the Bible and the Quran,refuse to shake hands.Each of these monotheistic faiths claims monopoly on truth and vehemently denounces the other of falsification.Judaism still rests her confidence in Moses;to Christians,salvation is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow without faith in Jesus,and at the top of them all the Arabs elevated Muhammad as God's favourite.To strike a chord,let us cite two examples of usual religious upbringing commonly known to us.The christian parent tells her child:"son,do you know that God and Jesus are siblings of the same stock:sandwiched between them is the Holy Ghost.They are three distinct forces but in unity one.God is the father,Jesus is the son,and the Holy Spirit the obedient messenger.To humanity Christ is the most important gift--a saviour upon whom the entire race must pin their hopes.All the instructions that will make you moral and enjoy eternal life have been documented in the Bible.You must read and digest as true every word you find in this book,for it is the bread of life.To deny this divine writ is as unpardonable as betraying Jesus for another thirty pieces of silver.He who hath ears to hear let him hear".The Muslim parent takes her own son by the collar and sounds this dicta in his ears:"Allah is one and Muhammad is His prophet.You must not be hospitable to any other religion.Ours is a religion of peace,and hence we do not tolerate plurality of faith.As like a steamroller,we crush to dust every opposition that stands in our way.Mecca is the holy land,and against the Kaaba leans a ladder that ascends straight to heaven.Engrave in your heart the commands of Allah;He demands total submission,for His word is law.To scoff at the Quran is as outrageous as filling with pork and wine the mouth of the holy prophet.You had better surrender to Islam or curse the day you were born!".If these children,whose impressionable minds have been propagated for dogmatic-ism did not stray from their parents' whistle,they would most probably grow up to become tough bigots.

What is unfortunate is that none of these doctrines have credible foundation in fact,Frankly speaking,all the purported dreams and meditations through which these gods communicated to men their thoughts are nothing more than fancies,woven by frenzied human imagination.The intellect cannot answer how,when,where and why existence came into being.This is the noblest truth an honest man can spread.Each and every of those books claiming inspiration has been exposed to be contrary to all verified facts.They are not a"necessary truth".None was actually written to tell the true fact of life.To cut a long story short,they are primitive books of traditional tales devised by ignorance and recorded by arrogance for no significant reason than to glorify their cultures,and push to the forefront of the human race the mystical exploits of their ancestors.Jesus,too,was a victim of this error.In the book of Math.15:21-28,one can easily understand the pride he took in his tribe,where,by addressing Israelite as little children,equated Canaanites to dogs.An exemplary model of perfection indeed.The same spirits that founded these two superior religions still control the lives of adherent believers who pay obeisance to them.Sophistry leveled the rough ground whereon christianity was built.By coercion and violence,Islam has with brute force won large territories to her infamous credit.As a result,hypocrisy,if it is not a virtue,has almost become instinctive in the christian as stealth is to cat.And the jihadist,in this modern age,is still eager to wet with blood the scimitar that his prophet has put in his hand.What is important that you should know is that all the stories and commandments detailed in these books are the words of different men,not of any God.The misconceived ideas of life's meaning and purpose with which these books are laden account for the reason they are continually reviewed for amendment from one generation to another.If they were truly the words of God as they claim,they would be unalterable.To edit and give transitory interpretations to the written letters of an infallible God is to accuse that deity of mistake.Laws of Nature are immutable.They defy change.The sun is not proud;death is ever red in tooth and claw;rains and storms remain indifferent;the volcano vomits her lava anytime her stomach churns;and gravitation's rule, in spite of conditions,continueth faithful.Religious dogmas are not universal facts,but provincial myths with confusing sign posts leading to conflicting destinations.Since none can be ascertained as fact,since none can be demonstrated to be true,man is therefore under no obligation to follow any.When confronted with the problem of truth,it would make some sense to call to memory the words of Aristotle:which is,"To say that that which is,is not or that which is not is,is a falsehood;and to say that which is,is and that which is not is not,is true".Suppose a man should tell another man that:"could you believe that yesterday i levitated about fifteen feet attitude above ground level and,after almost soaring in parallel height with birds,i descended calmly and landed back on the same spot,without any external support";since the listener,reasonable enough to know that everyday happenings contradict such phenomenal feat,did not see him duplicate the said magic before his very eyes,he has a right to disclaim it as a fallacy.If his discretion can reject such claim,today,so also he has the right to discredit unascertained miracles,especially those popular ones imputed to long buried unknown men.Man's thoughts and beliefs are his properties.A curse it is to bind a man to the opinions of another man.Each mind is a palace wherein the owner,being a royalty on the throne,must be allowed to rule with absolute sovereignty.To force  another man to accept your beliefs is to assault the manhood of that man,and those who embrace with certitude,or attest to the verity of hearsay's and revelations to which they are not eye-witnesses travesty all moral codes of truth and justice.On the enigmatic subject of origin,purpose,and destiny,everyone has the innate right,depending on what impression things convey to him,to evaluate propositions for himself and think out the questions of life according to the constitution of his brain,provided he does no harm to the freedom and happiness of others.This is a positive philosophy--liberty of thought and soul,without which reason is a manacled prisoner..

Scores of enlightened men now know that the garden of Eden never existed,that God never engaged Pharaoh's priests in sleight of hand contest,that the Old and New testaments are irreconcilable that all the miracles ascribed to Christ carry in hands relics of extinct pagan gods,and that Muhammad was in delirium when he storied out his dialogue with"the angel Gabriel".Gods and prophets come like the weather:they have no permanent effect on mankind,and as transient as varying seasons,away into obscurity they must all fade.Zeus' thunderbolts had long ceased to send shiver down the world's spine.Modern Jews no longer gorge Jehovah with burnt offerings because they now realise their ancestors who wasted animals on such stupid sacrifices were rather mistaken than balanced.In present day Europe,in contrast to the days of The Crusade and The Inquisition,it is considered a heinous crime of grotesque insanity for faith to pile faggots at the feet of heresy.Here in our own land,the Yoruba tribe now live with less fear on recognition that Sango's flaming belch has been extinguished;other local gods being exhibited for amusement in museums of antiques and artifacts.With the winds of science blowing across the globe,howling newly discovered truths,exhuming countless prehistoric fossilized forms of life, unraveling with trained hands facts from fictions,the hour has come for religion to lay down her sceptre.The dumb masses have kissed the rods of her professors long enough.The greatest foe of every religion is secularism.That is to say,secular education.To them doubts and skepticism are outlaws,reason is the toolbox of deviltry,and demand for facts and evidence,when taken to the extreme,is a loose cannon.Knowledge holds aloft the beacon,intelligence treads gracefully in its light;faith abets gullibility,which is dangerous,and religion joined in body with superstition spawns misery.For a man to be saturated with faith,he must not only pluck out the seeing eyes of reason,he must also be mentally blind.What happens in the real world throws no light at him.To illusion he succumbs his soul to be led,the gambols of rosy children of advancement he gleefully mocks,and every sweet fruit of progress soils with bitterness his dull tongue.With his back turned to the glorious dawn of civilization,he scouts for hope in fable nights of barbarism.And as ignorance is the coffin in which the corpse of credulity must be buried,priests of every sect make it their business to shut all doors and close every window through which the air and light of intelligence could penetrate into the mind.They detest to see the horizon broadened.They prefer it constricted or shuttered.Fully aware of what threats scientific enquiries pose to their schemes,the Muhammadans brandish before heretics their cold steel;and Christians,who have been educated to love their enemies,take the path of least resistance;but using the Bible,they also employ as their weapon the apocalyptic revelation of John.Within its hallucinatory pages they find texts with which to frighten infidels and promises that entrust in the keeping of devout parishioners the keys of heaven.This they call faith--the sacred key that unlocks all heaven's mansions.But where are these heavens and hells?In which realm are these supernatural countries located?.How high the"New Jerusalem"is from the earth,astronomers cannot survey;how deep below the ground the hell is,geologists are still busy digging.Lazarus,a returned tourist from the grave never hinted at having been welcomed with open arms by angels,he said nothing about the beauty and splendor of heaven,nothing about his relaxation in purgatory,and he heard no cries,no wailing's nor the gnashing of teeth.Upon that subject,he was as quiet as the tomb in which he had lodged for four days,when his attention was summoned back to life.From this account,the faithful believers draw no logical inference.They sing and clap and dance in exultation yet they moan and groan and sink in destitution.With prayers and tongue speaking they tilt at windmills to exorcise from the mind the evil created by their own deluded imagination.All their energy and wealth and poverty are equally misdirected in flattering and appeasing the wrath of a loving God whose mercy endureth forever.Poor souls--poor souls.Truly,they are many during praise and worship;however,in body in Christ they do not mingle.They are neatly demarcated on basis of class and caste.At the spiritual feast of thanksgiving,the heavyweights,flanked by the middle-class on both sides,slouch at the centre of the banquet while backbenchers who are saddled with the chores and upkeeping of the cathedral are relegated to scramble for crumbs and crusts below the table.The sweet fellowship of the holy spirit fails to bridge the poor rich cleavage of the church;and as a rule,in any congregation where oppression and discrimination are winners,the brethren love mantra is nought but word of mouth.Some of these preachers recognize the faults and falsity of their trades,but because they are being hired by simpletons to testify in favor of lies,they agree to swim with the tides,or,or what? or be booted out of office.Poor men--poor men.If there's anytime when these impostors must be ousted from the pulpit,we say it is now.They contribute nothing of value to human progress.They indulge in no reasonable work except in fishing for souls,and the more souls that rise to their bait,the fuller their basket.They erect no charity house to feed and clothe,and shelter the destitute.They build few poorly equipped hospitals doctored by like-unskilled physicians as them,and to be honest,they founded some good schools.But not for the benefit of the struggling and less privileged,not to educate the devotees from whose nescience they secure their dishonest bread,but to attract the well-heeled and top notch politicians,several of whom they know are dubious and corrupt to the last degree.Instead of teaching basic principles of cause and effect,they systematically countenance crimes on ground of confession and forgiveness.Proudly promoting this offer,crooked statesmen become their allies,rogues and harlots their notable sponsors,and with the bowed head of fraud beneath their holy hands they multiply blessings on financial legerdemain.By sanctified force and craftiness,they bend ethical rules to accommodate these pious rascals:ergo,they stain the society with vices they confidently affirm can be cleansed with the blood of their lamb.The preachers deceive them,the hearers deceive themselves,and both maintain sincerity with God."It is well".Intellectually they are as static as their holy books.They make no discoveries and produce nothing.From the altar is served no nourishing food for thought.They merely harp on the same string every sunday:"God is in control,when God says yes no man can say no,God works in a miraculous way,God loves a cheerful giver".Thus by passing round the hat on behalf of their pauper God,they swindle the pew and fill their own greedy pockets with offerings donated to their cunning emotionalism.By the way,what impudent right has man to enrich God?Does the Almighty stand in need of man's favour?Will heaven starve if man refused to tithe one-tenth of income earned?.Why the unconditioned should demand from the conditioned is a mystery that racks the mind with sheer perplexity.Want,as we understand it,is an appetite--a desire to obtain something which one lacks.An omnipresent, omniscient,and omnipotent God cannot be found deficient of anything.If God is all-powerful,He cannot lack;He has in abundance everything he needs to preserve his existence.Necessity as an attribute of any God does away with perfection.Man is finite and imperfect:he has desires to fulfill needs to satisfy,limitations restrain him,and he's ruthlessly swayed by passions of hope,fear,love,joy,and sorrow amongst many which increase and lessen his power of action,and in the long run,cut his life off.On the contrary,God is infinite,therefore indestructible.Before eternity He was,back of eternity He progresses endlessly.If God is everlasting,He exists for no end;a being that has no end acts for no end.His almightiness shields Him from effects and affects,and the passionless with no purpose neither gives nor receives.But if it is insisted that God's sustenance is dependent on the assistance of man,then in that sense,God,the Creator,becomes a stringed puppet controlled at leisure by His creation,man.

Man's duty is to man.Man should learn from man;he should seek to benefit and improve the condition of another man,if he can,and stop wasting his resources on these gods.Invisible invincible entities will take care of themselves.All known gods have nothing tangible to offer.They all boast health and happiness yet inflict the world with pains and maladies.They all promise life yet above its head they put the crown of death.Still these divine agents always find excuses to give weight to their power--these anointed parasites who fatten on fear and ignorance do not stop at their childish threats of hell,they also point to the fear of death as a warning of future punishment that awaits sinners and unbelievers.We know what their game is,so their declaration does not petrify us.Not in the slightest.The fear of death is as natural as the love of life.We all know that happiness is the primary aim,and preservation the principal goal of life.In addition to this,daily experience teaches us that the common fate that dominates the consciousness of all living animals is the fear of the Mysterious Beyond.Every living thing,from the highest intelligence down to the basest beast,recoils from danger and fights by all means to cling to life.Inspired bibles are books about which lower animals know nothing.They have no idea of baptism,and holiness as a gateway to paradise is a conception that never enters their mind yet the approaching shadow of death seizes them with terror.The chameleon,with its camouflaged skin,confuses the slimy serpent;the antelope foils the hunter's trap;the bellows of crocodiles inform the baboon not to cross the river;man,a rational being in whose heart love has enshrined immortality dreads staring disaster in the eyes;driven to the open jaws of death,in horror and trembling,even a drowning prophet will clutch at a straw.It is not surprising that Christ,the supposed Savior of the world,cried out:"Oh my God,why hath thou forsaken me".He set the perfect example that justifies this natural fear.From a reasonable standpoint,men and women who have bettered the lives of fellow humans,who have flooded the lives of others with joy and sunshine will be happy Hereafter,if there be one.To discharge one's duty in accordance with perceived moral obligation is to practice the purest art of virtue conceivable.Marking attendance in temples does not make a man righteous any more than taking off sandals before a burning bush makes him holy and acceptable to God,if there be any.So long as man esteems priesthood above brotherhood,peace and justice will be far from humanity's grasp.So long as man opens his mouth in amazement to swallow hook,line and sinker the claims of these"appointed men",the poor soul he strives to save will not escape the net of superstition.

Fearless freethinkers have thrown down the gauntlet:the charge is thus thrust upon these divine soldiers to pick up the challenge and cross swords,or desert the arena in acquiescence that they possess no steeled candor to fight out this battle.Thank you.


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