Thursday, 6 December 2012

Who be teacher?

Who Be Teacher?

Teacher teach us book , we come sabi book
Teacher say make we go university , we go university
Who be our teacher na oyinbo!
Oyinbo wey call us monkey
Abi una don forget as they give us mirrror?
Abi una don forget as they carry our grandpapa inside ship as slave?
Black man collect power since 1960 he no see anything do
My broda you get light?
You get work?
You get money?
No be your mama still dey feed you...
Forget white man no too do us good...
Too much book self na problem
Abi mechanic dey read book?
Spare part seller go school?
No agreement today , No agreement tomorrow
Oya nack us story say we be gaint of africa 
Giant of africa wey no get sense..

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