Saturday, 2 February 2013


I sat down to write about the current Africa Nations Cup and somehow my thoughts wandered off to different issues which has done nothing but fuel the impression that the western world already have about us..what is Africa when I'm required to travel to south Africa on a visa? What happened to the dream of one Africa sucking from the bosoms of each others resources,Africa's potentials has been dismantled by borders and the ever gripping hands of immigration stopping us from being brothers, Africa shouldn't be nations, its a nation in itself but the western and colonial masters divided our motherland into colonies and gave us names, Nigeria is a name given by a white colonial master, there was no North,South,East and west as we have it today, they created this boundaries for us to eradicate the thought of your neighbor being your brother instead you view him as a man from another tribe .

Now they sit back and watch as this division plagues us and our development because instead of identifying our self as a group working together with one interest at heart to enable development we choose to stand individually with the view of fighting for what will favor you and your comfort zone . Doesn't it baffle you that a lot of money is being loaned and donated to Africa over the years but nothing to show for it? My readers , is it that Africa and Africans don't know that this same corporations that donate these funds know quite well they're only licking our sores instead of giving us the right treatment to eradicate it. Africa divided will never get to Canaan . I cant wake up and drive my car into Cameroun because the Camerounians don't see me as an African but rather as a foreigner, the Africa Union ( AU ) is a nothing but a gathering of clueless puppets begging for alms and recognition of the hypocritical west!

These same colonial masters brought with them their religion which has lead to massacre of Africans who no matter how weakened they are by poverty will still gather enough energy to fight for a religion brought to them on slave ships and Arab merchant camels ! Africa United is the cry but who will listen? Is it the North Africans who believe because of their complexion that they aren't Africans ? Or the Ibo man who believes the Yoruba man is inferior to him? Or the Egyptian immigration officer who will smile at the western citizens through passport control and will give you a stern look as you present your passport showing you're from a country like Togo? Africa United is probably a shallow thought harbored by a over ambitious mind like mine ..but inside that corner of self hate and hypocrisy we know the and you ! AFCON is just a battle for supremacy and recognition not for the love of football!

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