Sunday, 17 March 2013

In The President's Mind ( Part I of 5) A thrilling trip into the mind of our President

I'm tapping my pen on the paper..I've got a blind mind..I am the President Of a country called Nigeria..yes the President elect of the most populous black nation in the world. How do I rule a country like this? With so many differences in religion,tribe,language,natural resources, culture,education and way of thinking. I am not clueless but neither am I swimming in a pool of wisdom but I think leading this herd of sheep is the most difficult thing on earth,the direction has been lost a long time ago and anything I do to change the life of Nigerians is criticized and ridiculed from every angle,oh I've been insulted by even little children because their elders do not respect me so why should they? They go on social media created by the western world and insult me till I and my wife become a trending hash tag on twitter
Let me remind them that their parents also contributed to the failure of this country and since you're a product of your parents then you've also contributed to the failure of this country because the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree.
If you know what my wife goes through you will wonder how she's till staying sane,they even insulted her while she was sick and in a critical condition,but I'm not upset with them because they do not know what I know. They only know what the news tell them. Given the opportunity they will always appreciate foreign leaders and want us Africans to think like them but I say no. Insulting your President and appreciating western presidents is a cheap shot, aren't these same western countries fighting war in another man's land for oil and authority? 
Colonialism came too early and Nigerians grew greedy for the oil and all that comes with it and till now it hasn't gotten us ahead as it should have due to bad governance,I'm only trying to trim the leaves of this great tree because the roots of the problem of Nigeria and Nigerians are feets deep in the ground.
I am your President and No We Can't do this alone,but Yes We Can Do It together, let's join hands in a vacuum and then fill the vacuum with ideas to move the country forward.

Watch out for the concluding parts of this train of thoughts.
Written By Femi Shine ( In The President's Mind Part I of 5)

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