Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nigeria ...A Replica Of Hell(Jobless Graduates Want Amnesty Too)

I believe with the current trend this replica of hell called Nigeria is following it is going to lead us to a state of absolute chaos! I got a blackberry broad cast message and facebook update about militants getting paid and boko haram amnesty and the sums mentioned in comparison to youth corp members,civil servants pay  is a huge gap! I mean what kind of insensitive government with no balls do we have ! Read for 4years or more to become a graduate and yet you have little chances of getting a job but if you resort to violence the government pays you to hold your peace. We all know how the illiterate Niger Delta militants are paid monthly just so they don't continue their nefarious activities and now Boko Haram is being offered Amnesty and we can be rest assured the Amnesty package will be juicy. Is this government trying to tell us that if we grab them by the balls that they will succumb to our demands for jobs for the unemployed graduates ? Are they trying to tell us that if we grab some arms and resorting to violence instead of wasting 4years or more in the University will be more lucrative? I can tell you that the idea is very tempting !

Perhaps we can call it Unemployed Graduates Union and use violence to demand for our rights ? Perhaps then will they listen to us and implement some programs to absorb us,but no! One course taught in all Universities is Nigeria Peace and Conflict which taught us to understand and embrace peace so we have and our rights is being trampled upon,please we're tired of hearing the excuse that they're no jobs ! There are jobs!! We know there are but we don't have connections to get them,those in high places of power use such to get jobs for their family and friends,  a lot of our dreams are failing as a result of this, the youths are crying and I pity this country if it gets to the point where intelligent youths turn to  weapons  as means to demand for their rights..it will be chaos, forget what the illiterate Niger Deltans and Boko Haram's are doing , I'm talking about intelligent violence perpetrated by graduates..Nigeria will shake ! It will be total chaos. This is a wake up call to whoever is reading this,please watch the elastic limit to how far we are from chaos.Imagine civil engineers , physicists ,computer scientists,mechanical engineers,biochemist and others carrying arms ..IT WILL  BE CHAOS!!. Create programs to absorb the graduates our Universities keep churning out each year, Mr Aliko Dangote is a man I respect as a huge recruiter of Labour, he absorbed many graduates into his truck driving program and many applied including phd holders, why can't our government do the same or take a cue from him.
Everyone has a limit to what they can tolerate...I know I speak for a lot of people who I'm sure have thought about this because in the end this country is ours and we pray it doesn't get to the point where dangerous factions will rise up and sing the national anthem with ak47 on their left hand while the right hand holds the Nigerian flag drenched in blood at that point will be know we've created a replica of hell

Written by Femi Shine
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