Thursday, 16 May 2013

Man Versus The System..... The System Wants You To Die! (Funny Article)

Man Versus The System
The system wants you to die!
Yes I said it..
The system is against you so you have to be battle ready! Abi bros you want die?
The worst thing be say make man suffer this much then come die! No be say you enjoy anything oo, you just suffer come pai! Did I hear you say God forbid?
That's exactly what the system wants to do to you..sit inside you like a cancerous tissue and slowly eat you out! All your guts and intestines . Otherwise is there a good reason why man must suffer this much?
The system just hates your balls for no reason.
Now who is this system that is making me vent this much? I'll tell you, the system could be any of the following

1.Unemployment,it beats my imagination how hard it is to find a job in this country full of intelligent monkeys, Of course we're intelligent but we're monkeys,its like claiming to be a wise man yet you eat your banana without peeling the skin. There is someone out there who has written so many job application that I'm sure he writes more in his dreams!

2. The blood sucking governemt; A round of applause for this group of monkeys in suits and agbadas...kudos to the 24hrs electricity they promised our forefathers, kudos to the excellent universities we've got,cheers to the good roads and social amenities! Aren't you impressed by this set of people? Come on give it up to them!

3. Tax ! Ha! don't we all just love this word? Even as broke as you are , you're still being taxed for the air you breathe,oh you think you're walking and sniffing this air for free? You be proper MUMU! Your ass is being taxed and will be taxed till the day you die! Didn't your Pastor tax you last weekend? Or remind you of the next payment next week?

4. Religion ! Yes they've got a huge followership and has anyone noticed that religion has turned humans to gullible idiots, I know we all have to believe in something and Nigerians have huge faith but seriously, what people do in this country because of religion is alarming,why would I in my right senses wrap a bomb around my body , blow myself up and in hope of making it to heaven and getting virgins? Kai! Please give me the heaven here on earth and the virgins then we can bargain later, sometimes I imagine when this fools blow themselves up and get to the other side wherever that is..and discover it was all a lie and everything was just a figment of someone's sick imagination and that where are no virgins? Wtf!
And our Pastors are the most sleek sweet talkers of this generation ! Have you wondered how smooth these guys talk! They curl their hair, nice watch, hot suits and shiny shoes! And they just lead the flock with a charisma that charms you and your pocket! The Bible is outdated! They preach from ipads now so you better drown that your cheap phone in your bath water next time to take a shower!
Alright I'll cool down now and allow you readers to share your own ! I am not angry yet..a bit close though.

Write I'm reading .

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