Monday, 10 June 2013

Visiting The White House

Most people do not regard the simple act of visiting the "white house" or "private ward" as people like to call the toilet. It is even seen as an abnormality when it is done regularly cos it could be due to constipation, or eating junks on a regular. This however, isn't a very good notion. Regular bowel movement is always a necessity to stay healthy as it allows the body to eliminate toxic substances and keep the body ready for fresh intake of food materials. When food has been digested and absorbed, the body separates metabolically poisonous materials from the body organs and they therefore, must be excreted to prevent accumulation and internal damage to the body, also bearing in mind, the blockage of vital body organs. Most people feel comfortable when they haven't visited a "white house" in days and this is wrong. Simple vegetables and fruits like watermelon help flush when we experience difficulty in excreting. We should however regard daily bowel movement as necessary and not an abnormality. Stay Healthy!

Written by Diji Patrick

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