Saturday, 8 June 2013

Wonders Of Garlic

I got this article from a friend asking me to tell my readers about garlic, oh yes ! garlic !!...even the word makes me go ewwww!! you dont want to be stuck in a long flight with someone who's breath stinks of garlic,it happened to me and it wasn't funny but fortunately for me while he was unleashing his dragon garlic fire , i was battling a bad indigestion from the food served on the plane and i was full of gas so i replied with some mean farts! The look i got from the passenger sitting behind me while we alighted could send shivers down the devil's spine! Anyways let me allow you digest this wonderful article.

Garlic........natural antibiotic. Garlic is one food that i think you should eat everyday. It has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti cancer, anti clotting effects. It must be fresh to give you optimal health benefits. Its best when stored at room temperature. Let me shed more light on its benefits.It contains a chemical called *allicin* that gives it its flavor & helps stop free radicals from damaging cell. The antioxidant effect is more powerful than similar effects found in Onions..... It prevents cancer 'anticancer' when eaten or smashed, that chemical may penetrate & kill tumor cells.............hope you get? It reduces risk of heart diseases by lowering the LDL [bad] cholesterol. In doing so, it may also slow the development of atherosclerosis, the hardening of the arteries that can lead to heart disease or stroke. For high blood pressure, it relaxes the blood vessels & increases blood flow by boosting our supply of hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is a gas that the body produces naturally, but in dwindling amounts as we age. The hydrogen sulfide in garlic may also protect the heart from tissue & cell damage. Thus, it lowers blood pressure. It also keeps blood thin which reduces blood clots and stroke............hope you arent lost in all this? Garlic might reduce the frequency & number of colds when taken for prevention....... Of cause the problem of garlic......the smell lol. It is known for its distinct odor that often lingers long after you have eaten it. It shouldn't prevent you from going for this wonderful herb. Yes i am not mistaken its a herb. Routine brushing & flossing can eliminate some of these odors but hmmmmm..... if you develop a socially offensive odor then all you need to do is slightly decrease the amount you consume. It is possible to sweat out the smell of garlic through your skin too. An extra shower might be needed hours after a garlic loaded meal *wink* But the thing is that anyone on medication or chemotherapy will have to consult his or her doctor.It can be used in salad dressing......add minced raw garlic to salad dressing. Home made noodles....add some minced garlic.lolzz or chew a clove & swallow followed by some milk or water. Or you can mask d flavor by covering your garlic with some raw honey & then throwing it down the hatch. Thats fun you know! Large doses of garlic may interfere with some medications & reduces their effectiveness. Garlic seem to affect d enzymes in the liver that helps remove certain drugs from the body. This effect could be particularly important in people undergoing chemotheraphy. I'm particular about letting food be thy medicine so as cold & flu season approach i'm hoping to keep you my beloved eating garlic everyday. A clove a day keeps d doctors away! be continued. 

Written by Popoola Omobolade

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