Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Last Critic

I am not going to criticize this country anymore,this will be my last article on this terrible waste of space called Nigeria. Feel free to attack me, feel free to call me names, feel free to defend this country because  I've reached my peak of total disgust at the way things are done . Has anyone seen the youtube video of the Rivers State Law Makers ? I do not care who was right or wrong in the chaos that happened in the house but seeing a well dressed law maker attack and club another law maker makes one ask if this is the result of the joyous noise made in May 29 1999 when we ended the years of oppressive military rule.
Nigeria is a failed state ! I dare you to point to one thing that works in this country, point!! Show me!!
Is it security? Are you feeling safe in this country? If you're not kidnapped, you stand a chance of being robbed or shot to death by islamic insurgents or even knowingly or mistakenly  shot by the police men who are meant to provide security if you dare argue with them.Electricity? Please I'm not in the mood to touch that topic,we already know the answer to that.
Education is my view of education in Nigeria,it is either your parents are very rich and can afford to send you abroad to study or they're rich enough to send you to private schools and universities in Nigeria or your parents are basically poor and they send you to government owned  schools and universities where incessant strikes will plague you till you eventually graduate. There is no middle class in Nigeria anymore, you're either poor or rich
Unemployment is on the increase,go to the airport and see how our youths are rushing out of this country aimlessly in hopes of a better future abroad , a journey clouded with uncertainty . In most countries abroad Nigerians have the highest numbers in their prisons with most of them likely to be executed for various offences ranging from drugs smuggling, internet scam, prostitution, name it we've done it.
Religion....ha !!! The biggest scam of them all. We're the laziest and most gullible set of living things I've come across! We keep praying like we want the red sea to open up in 2013! No way! That isn't going to happen brothers and sisters. What has all the prayers of yesteryears done for us, has it stopped corruption? Crime? Violence? Every single situation is converted to a prayer point , even the President says we should pray for this country like he doesn't know the kind of authority to set things right that he has. Religion in Nigeria is set to satisfy the pocket of the man who preaches it. 2015 elections is around the corner isn't it..Men of God are about to be seriously enriched as they host different politicians coming to seek their blessings and approval from members of such congregations oh well God offers redemption for every thieving scumbag out there so come one, come all.

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