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God Created Sin?

This article dissects the norm we have come to be used to and helps dive in depth into the abyss of knowledge , giving your mind a voice to understand the details of how things worked . It also answer the question of who and why without necessarily giving us the fear of repercussion. Dive in and dissect this norm with me.

                                     God Created Sin?

Background: God is perfect and omniscient; then, how come we have an imperfect world? 
If God is perfect and can never make mistakes, who created Sin? 

"And The Lord regretted that He made man on earth and it grieved Him to His heart" 
-- Gen. 6:6

Introduction: According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, Sin may be defined as "An offense against religious or moral law". 

This series aims to trace the origin of sin, examine the omniscient nature of God and above all, draw the attention of the reader to the root-cause of our present day predicaments. 

This work is not a religious sermon or a further theological research into the concept of Hematology, but, it is a concise effort by the writer to trace the origin of the concept known as sin, not just from the religious perspective; but with due attention to history, moral and logical reasoning. 

(I) God created sin? 

It is an undeniable fact that the present world as we know it has been afflicted with hunger, pain tribulations, war, famine and death to mention but a few.
But throughout the journey of mankind on earth, irrespective of religious or cultural affiliation, the question: If God truly cares for us, then why all the sufferings in this world have never been effectively answered. The inability to effectively and efficiently find the answers to the question has led some to conclude that God does not exist. 

Of course, God exists! It simply does not matter if you address Him by any name known to you, everyone knows that there is a Supreme Being somewhere. Another such important question is: If God is perfect and an omniscient Being who can never make mistakes, then, who created sin? 
According to Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth". The subsequent verses of that same chapter gave a detailed account of the act of creation. 
It is also worthy to note that the mention of the words "heaven" and the "earth" in the verse means that nothing was in existence before the primordial act of creation. Hence, it is safe to conclude that God created everything in existence today including sin. 

But God is pure, perfect and holy; how could He have created sin? 

(II) The Lucifer Factor
The books of Isaiah 25 and Ezekiel 28 reveals the nature of Satan in his pristine state. 
A detailed consideration of the information contained in these two chapters shows a vivid picture of Satan's situation before he rejected God. In anticipation of the points about to be covered, suffice it to say that the devil was preeminent creature in the universe before his fall, and each of the various characteristics described bellow call attention aspects of this preeminence.

Isaiah 14:12 describes Satan as the "morning star", this, revealing his role in reflecting the glory of God. 
The Hebrew word HELEYL literarily translates "shining one"; it was translated in Greek as "light bearer" and the Latin vulgate as "Lucifer". Morning star is an apt rendering of this title, for it betokens a heavenly body so brilliant that it can be seen even in daylight. 
As the prime creature of the primordial Eden, a place without darkness, Satan was the foremost representative of God's splendor, mirroring for all angelic kind to behold the brilliant glory of their creator. 
But then, why was the Lucifer created in such splendor? 

(III) The Essence of Creation
The seventh chapter of the Bhagavad Gita tells us that the essence of creation is God's glory. 
God existed before the inception of time and space. He created the creatures of heaven to worship Him(Neh.9:6, Rev 5:12), not just to worship Him; but, to worship Him in truth and spirit out of their(creatures) own volition. 
Thus, He gave them FREE-WILL (John 4:23).
Free will can be defined as the ability of agents to make choices unconstrained by certain factors. God created the heavenly creatures to worship Him, but, He also gave them free will to make choices and one of these choices includes choosing to worship another entity which/who is not God. 

Having established that God desires a worship of free will, not a forced worship, hence, the need for granting the heavenly creatures the gift of free-will; the next big question is: To choose between God and Who/What? 

(IV) The Big Picture. 
Lets attempt to answer the question, Why was the Lucifer created in such splendor? 

(a) Ezekiel 28:12 describes the Lucifer as "Sealing Perfection (or proportion)". 
Sealing perfection is a literal rendering from the Hebrew and can be expanded to the meaning."The one who puts his seal on harmonious-proportion" or better still, "The touch stone of symmetry"(that is, Norms and standards of all kinds as seen from the divine point of view). That is to say Lucifer in his original state, could be looked to as one who upheld, embodied and represented perfect divine standards. 

(b) Filled with Wisdom (Ezek. 28:12). This epithet is clear enough: the Lucifer did not reject God out of ignorance. To the contrary, he was the wisest of God's creatures until he perverted that wisdom.

(c) Exemplifying Beauty (Ezek.28:12): This phase, also used of the beauty of Jerusalem at Lamentations 2:15, is often translated "perfect in beauty", but more precisely means "summing up" or "comprising the totality of beauty" (the Hebrew CHALIYL, meaning an all embracing wholeness). As originally created, Lucifer was the very model of pulchritude, the most magnificent creature in the universe, demonstrating to all who viewed him the beauty of God that must lie behind such an exquisite act of creation. 

(d) Anointed (Ezek.28:14): The word translated here as "anointed" (mimshach) and the word for Messiah (meshiach) come from the same Hebrew root ( mashach) and are very close in meaning. Both indicate, "to be consecrated through the process of anointing". In ancient Israel, it was the custom to anoint with oil both priests (Ex.28:41), and monarchs (1Sam.10:1; 16:1 & 13) at the inception of their offices. Such anointing marks God's choice of the individual in question, and is symbolic of His power and support. The oil of anointment itself represents the Holy Spirit ( 1Sam.16:13), whose guidance, encouragement and enlightenment would be especially important for those commissioned by the Lord for spiritual or temporal governance (i.e., Ps.51:11). This appears to be the meaning in our context. Lucifer was not anointed with literal oil, but was given a special measure of the Holy Spirit to aid him in his capacity of supreme angelic being. This anointing marked him out as God's number one creature. 

(e) In Eden, Precious Stone, Tabrets and Pipes(Ezek. 28:13)

Considering the above qualities of Lucifer, we can see that he was the top ranking angelic creature, blessed with extra ordinary offices and privileges which were never paralleled again(except in the person of Christ). So, having established that the original essence of creation was for the heavenly creatures to worship God out of their own volition, how else could God have known if the worship of the creatures was pure and of their own volition if there was no alternative being to worship? 

The free will was given for a reason, and God needed to provide an alternative; something or someone who has close attributes to that of God! The Lucifer was that being! So, why was the Lucifer ever created with those outstanding qualities? God needed someone to test the free will of His creatures. But this does not necessarily imply that the destiny of Lucifer was predetermined before his creation, because he was granted the gift of free will too. He could have chosen to remain steadfast to his creator. In fact, Ezekiel 28:15 recorded that Lucifer was created "blameless".Sin was a bye-product of Lucifer's covetousness, not one of the creations of God. Is God omniscient? Yes. Although He never predetermined the end of Lucifer, He exhibited omniscient nature by having the "provisions" to deal with his rebellion. 
God was never caught "off guard" as would have been the case if He is not omniscient. 

Conclusively, God is perfect and holy; sin was never one of His creatures; but a bye-product of Lucifer's choice. 

Written by 
Mazi Joe
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