Thursday, 14 November 2013

Rob Ford "The Grass is Greener On The Other Side With Crack"

With the ongoing turmoil with Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford and the wide public outcry is an example of “Not always greener on the other side” quote, we humans have the ability to fail and fail woefully regardless of race, level of education or morals. The thrilling aspect of this context is the way public opinion is applauding the shocking act from a leader who is supposed and rightfully elected to lead by example. The mayor admitted to taking crack cocaine and as I type this, he is still the Mayor of a city of over 5million people. A Ghanaian deputy minister was recently sacked for a dirty statement that was caught on tape, the tape on which a voice purported to be that of the deputy minister Victoria Hammah was heard telling a female colleague that she will not quit politics until she makes a whopping $1m, the revelation coming in the wake of mounting pressure on Ghanaian President Mahama to fight corruption and that earned her an outright sack but in Toronto, a leader admitting to taking an illegal substance gets him public sympathy and remains in office . 
Well I guess the western world does eat out of the pie of mediocrity too. Coming from a background where corruption is the norm and a convicted money laundering politician is celebrated in a thanksgiving service in church as a hero on his return from prison I guess this shouldn’t come as a surprise to me but it does in some way because I have come to realize that no system is perfect, every system has its own strengths and flaws. I am not a politician and I don’t really have a knowledge of its intricacies but I do know my right from my wrong and to me this is wrong! But oh well I would like to see how this ends after all a respected president did have his penis sucked in the white house and he remained in office so this shouldn’t be much of a big deal right? 

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