Tuesday, 3 December 2013

2015 And The Madness Called Igboezue Socio-Cultural Association(ISCA)

As the 2015 general election approaches, it is natural and expected that different groups spring up in search of political relevance.
Besides seeking political relevance, it is a known fact that the economy of the country is in shambles hence, the reason for daft political jobbers.

One such conglomeration of daft political jobbers is the Igboezue Socio-Cultural Association (ISCA), whose leadership recently threatened to sue President Goodluck Jonathan if he hails to contest the 2015 presidential election. Although mere reading of the position of ISCA on one of the online news dailies was regarded a waste of precious time, this write-up serves to remind ISCA what it truly is: a collection of daft political jobbers.

In a press conference in Abuja at the weekend, ISCA president-general; Prince Elochukwu Onyekwere told journalists that several letters sent to the President and the PDP urging Jonathan to run in 2015 received no response or acknowledgement, which led to their(ISCA) decision to seek an order from Federal High Court in Abuja compelling the President to Contest.

As if the foolishness of ISCA and its leadership was not enough, they decided to insult the collective intelligence of Ndigbo by stating:

" All aspiring Igbo politicians can wait for their turn after 2015. Our decision is the decision of the Igbos and we will not shift ground "

This is arguably the highest level of insult on the collective intelligence, will and the identity of Ndigbo for a political job-seeker, sycophant and brigand to claim that his myopic decision is the decision of Ndigbo.

To further erase any iota of doubt from the mind of the public who may be thinking he was probably high on some cheap drugs when he made those statements, Prince Elochukwu Onyekwere threatened to mobilize over 80 million people to stop Jonathan from returning to Bayelsa state should he decide not to contest the 2015 presidential election.

Given that the populations of Nigeria is roughly 175 million, one wonders how ISCA plans to mobilize over 80 million people (or anything close to that figure) to stop Jonathan from returning home.
To achieve this feat, ISCA would need the total support and population of the South-east (30 million), Southwest (40 million) and the South South (over 20 million).

One thing is clear - this warped calculations and misadventure by ISCA and its leadership portrays the image of political jobbers who talk before they think. It is quite regrettable that the leadership of ISCA is out of touch with the political realities in the country.

I call on all right thinking Igbo people and Nigerians in general to neglect this group of sycophants who has no political value whatsoever. The re-election of President Jonathan should be based solely on merit and his achievements in office. Any Nigerian who thinks (s)he can handle the office of the presidency better should feel free to contest as is the norm in every democratic settings.

Onyeagba Joseph C
(Mazi Joseph)

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