Monday, 20 January 2014

I am the ”APP”

                                I am the ”APP”

In this ever evolving world of emerging technology and the already overwhelming internet of things I have come to note that for innovations to exist there has to be a need. This need is very vital in the equation of innovation . Using myself as a case note , before I left the shores of my country I had an iPhone with the popular apps such as Facebook , Instagram , Twitter and a couple of games download on it and my life didn’t revolve around them . But as soon as I stepped into this shores of this country I quickly realized that my life and how I live it will begin to rely on devices . I had become a persona , a variable in the equation and a vital element in the code . I became a target without my own will playing any role , in short I didn’t have an option in the decision making process , the decision had already been made and I was left with the choice to either have these apps or be ready to ask a lot of questions from people . In a generation where human-human interaction is on the decline and human-device interaction is on the increase , stopping people to ask them directions might not be the best approach

I had the following apps dictating my life to be averagely on the daily .

  • Rocketman :  this handles my transportation needs ..bus schedules based on my location

  • Weather network app : the need to have this can’t be overemphasized ..I know when to wear my boots and warm clothing.

  • Google maps : it tells me where everything is except helping me to find where my socks are in my disorganized wardrobe .

I go into a mild state of panic whenever my phone battery becomes low and access to charging isn’t nearby . At what point did I step away from being a conventional user to being over reliant on apps to decide and chart all my activities ? Here’s where the idea bulb light up. I am the app , I created the need , I am the persona that was created to validate the need for the innovation to exist .

Persona + Need = Innovation
I was a target from the moment i arrived and there has been content tailored particularly for me . I became the human app , I am the end user of all the hours of coding and strategy . I take all the information provided in these innovations and decode them according to the need they serve in my space , this is the price i have to pay for my liberty and the comfort they provide for me . As long as the elements of my equation above continues to exist then i don’t think there will be a decline in the amount of apps to be discovered and launched. Do note that i am just one persona and a lot more can be created and their needs met. The Itunes store is a good example of that,the amount of apps on their store is overwhelming , it isn’t a surprise that they make billions and will continue on this part for a long time .

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