Friday, 4 April 2014

I flee

I flee 
I flee and free myself from the ropes that bound me to a way of thinking that classifies me as normal 
I flee and free myself from the barriers set by religion and society to limit my thinking and cage my mind
I flee from any God or god that prompts me to take up arms to spill blood,blood of people who worship other God or gods
I vomit all the lies that have been fed to me from the day I was born ..lies that make me judge my fellow humans based on the color of their skin and religion..I flee
I flee from the laws that suppress the human rights of people based on their sexual preference 
I flee from man made laws dipped in the rotten juice of religion that suppress women from education
I shiver at the thought of the pain as I destroy the innocence of a little girl because my religion allows me to take her as a wife 
As I flee, the tide is against me, the wind of disapproval beats my face 
I forge on from my chains 
I seek solace in the arms of common sense and reasoning , gender equality and human rights , equity and tolerance .
As I flee and free myself ...there is relief in the thought of a free world ..someday ...somehow.
 © FemiShine

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