Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Know Your Level In Your Church ( An Eye Opener )

I read a post on Nairaland.com and would like to share it with my readers so we can view religion from another perspective

Religion to Nigerians is not so much about its content, but about an identity. A girl who spent all Saturday night in the club or even Being Intimate with her boyfriend/aristo will wake up by 7am, have her bath, dress up and she is in church. That Muslim chap that hides his alcohol inside his prayer kettle would do his Ablution and head for the Mosque on Friday  Its now a part of what they do. It has no real meaning to them. Thats why a convicted felon would go straight from the prisons to a church for thanksgiving.

Immorality is very high in Nigeria right now, corruption, crime and all sorts of vices.. Yet every Sunday, the churches are filled to capacity.

To the Rich/upper middle-class Nigerians, Church is nothing but a social gathering where they can come into contact with the poor and subconsciously oppress them. Thats why its easier for a rich man to see the pastor than it is for a Poor Church Usher to even enter the Pastors office, let alone see him. They dont pray as hard as the poor, they come late and leave early, they get choice seats in church, they get special invites to every occasion and the pastor always answers their calls personally. This class only attend church on SUNDAYS!!

To the lower-middle class/independent entreprenuers, Church is nothing but another avenue to meet potential clients. These ones get access to the pastors, but not as easily as the rich folks. They can get a Pastor to pray for them, but cant get a pastor to come to their houses. This class would attend Church on Sundays and are always at house-fellowships (as this is where they c=get to interact with the rich).

The Poor, To them, Church represents hope. This class are the most dedicated members of the church. they sweep the church, they make up over 75% of the churches workers, they are very loyal to the pastors, they pray the hardest, loudest and longest. They are the first to arrive in church and the last to leave. To them, they really do believe that if you pray hard enough, manna will fall from the skies. They are the most committed. This class can never see the pastor at will. In fact , they will be lucky if they can get the pastors number let alone speak to him one on one. They come to church every sunday hoping for a miracle. They dress their best but always come short. They eat at the feet of the rich & upper middle class who use them as they like.

The Politicians need religion for control. They use it for election purposes and to keep the masses under control. A christian wouldn't kill a Politician that is stealing him blind because of religion. And he is so shackled by the religion that he cant even fight the system, so he prays to God for a solution to a problem that is within his control.

Religion is not important to Nigerians, its now a habit.

Sadly, we have chosen foreign gods like the Jewish god and the Persian god. Abandoning our local gods. If we still actively worshipped Amadioha, by now, someone would have dragged their governor before Amadioha and made him swear with his life if he stole our money during his tenure or not.. By now, a Yoruba man would have dragged his council man before Sango to swear if that fake road was truly tarred with 15 billion Naira. INFACT, ALL OATHS OF OFFICES WOULD BE TAKEN IN FRONT OF AN ORACLE.. Maybe, just maybe, things would not have been this bad.

In case youve forgotten religion was brought by missionaries who in turn took away our fore fathers as slaves.

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