Tuesday, 13 January 2015

” Phallus Journals’’

Lagos, centre of sexcellence, I was born here, I have had my fill of it, yet the city never ceases to amaze me. The ridiculousness of the situations its citizens tend to find themselves must really amuse the supreme being above us. Crime , sex, sex and yes more sex is an active ingredient in most of its successful business interactions. The possibility of a deal being sealed over a simple act such as a blow job is more certain than 40 days of fasting and prayer. It is a circle, young steaming beautiful teenagers from high school with bodies carved by the goddess of beauty Aphrodite herself; who have overdosed on porn images coupled with raging hormones willing to be devoured, university students enjoying the sour pleasures of different men from all works of life who will gladly make it rain on them while their disgruntled wives back home have given up on the missed calls but now seeks solace in the gigantic phallus of the gate man or most often receiving the anointing from their Pastors..wink wink.

I live in this city, I’ve seen its high and lows. Drowning in a mixture of false hopes and broken dreams, I’ve thrived in it. Men seeking women, women seeking women and men moaning with pleasure in the arms of another man. If you have battled against the power in your loins to resist the lust that envelopes the entire city then you were thoroughly baptized in whatever disease infested water your priest tried to drown you in; I was baptized at the shores of the unilag lagoon overseeing the third mainland bridge were corpses are thrown into at midnight. Fornication is sweet, let no human with good functioning testicles or uncut clitoris tell you otherwise.

I am going to embark on a series, lets call it an ongoing narrative, hopefully the god of procrastination will let me be this year so that i can thrill you guys with different stories which will build up to a final climax. So allow me to introduce you to ” Phallus Journals’’ It will be filled with juicy thoughts, imaginations and will be spiced with suspense filled situation that will tingle you between your legs..wink wink. ‪#‎phallus‬

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